C O L O U R S  

Kitchen colouring is a daunting topic especially with more and more choice in terms of what colours are available.

A good combination of colours can help achieve a particular mood or effect in the kitchen depending on what you are looking for, whether its a vibrant and lively workspace or an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Equally, mismatched colours can not only ruin your décor but also create a disjointed feel in the room thereby upsetting the ambience.

Using complimentary colours can introduce a dramatic and intense feel to a kitchen. Bright vivacious colours also have the same effect but need to be used carefully and perhaps sparingly to avoid an overpowering effect. When used correctly they will be stimulating, energetic and formal.

The use of analogous colours (neighbours on the colour wheel) will help create a more casual and relaxing room, less formal and lending itself to a more rustic country style kitchen.

White remains a very popular colour especially for the clean line minimalist contemporary kitchen. The use of handless cabinets also works well in such a colour scheme but its important to soften the effect with the addition of an accent colour.

Neutral colours such as tan, brown, black, cream and grey are always popular and can work well with almost any other colour or texture. They also have a very broad appeal, perhaps ideal for contract developments.

Monochrome (using varying shades of one colour) can be a very smart option but needs a lift with a splash of colour whether it’s a red, blue, yellow or orange. There are many ways to introduce such a splash of colour whether it’s on a backsplash, a group of units or on a worktop.

Champagne by Hacker

Old Favourites – New Introductions

With all of that out of the way – here is a brief synopsis of what is happening at the moment in our kitchen designs.

Cream will always be popular whether on a ornate country kitchen or a high gloss lacquer contemporary design. It’s a very popular choice because it is less likely to date and can be used in combination with a whole host of different colours and shades of wood.

High Gloss Black has been in demand recently. Being a neutral colour it will work with almost anything. Lately we used high gloss black and magnolia together, while another kitchen design combined high gloss black with a deep bordeaux red and stainless steel. For something completely different you could try black gloss with a natural wood texture such as high gloss olive.

Late last year we added Aubergine to our range and it is proving very popular. A recent installation showcased the combination of aubergine doors with white panelling and worktops and it looked great.