instant boiling water on tap, ideal for every day household requirements
Imagine never having to use a kettle again! Instead all you need is a Steaming Hot Water Tap. Easily installed beside your sink this elegant accessory delivers instant filtered 98 degree hot and cold water – whenever you want!

  • 98 degree hot water
  • Up to 100 cups of steaming water per hour
  • Filtered water
  • Space saving design
  • Energy efficient

This wonderful new feature helps save time and makes life easier as well as being cost effective and environmentally friendly. Here are just some of the uses, this tap can be put to:

  • Making tea & coffee
  • Creating sauces
  • thawing frozen foods
  • Warming baby bottles
  • Cleaning baby bottles
  • Washing up
  • Fill hot water bottles
  • Remove labels from containers for recycling

Available now from Surreal Designs