top 20 kitchen design features as voted for by our customers!

designing a kitchen, need some ideas – well then check out what our customers regarded as the very best kitchen design features in their surreal kitchen. over the past couple of weeks, surreal customers have been voting for their favourite kitchen features. check out the results now and if you know anyone planning a kitchen, why not direct them to this page – they might find it a great help.

we asked our customers – what do you love most about your kitchen – it could be anything from a large feature island to a small cutlery insert – anything! Some of the results were surprising but as we get closer to number 1 we found all the usual suspects……

20. lighting

good lighting is essential in any well designed kitchen whether its soft mood lighting emanating from under wall units or lights illuminating a glass display unit. effective lighting is especially important in darker rooms and works great with gloss reflective surfaces

pictured across are floating glass light shelves which have always been popular in our kitchen – a great way to break up a flat design and introduce light and vitality to a room.

19. wine cooler

i loved this suggestion and was surprised more poeple didn’t vote for it. we generally prefer built in wine coolers and most major appliance brands offer something in their range for the wine buff

18. franke rollamat

a simple but really effective kitchen accessory. it can be used for lots of purposes from draining on a sink to resting hot pots after they are taken from the oven. Best of all, when you are finished with it, roll it up and put it in a drawer out of the way.

simple, clean, effective and coll – just like every kitchen should be!

17. quartz worktops

we are big fans of quartz worktops and in the last couple of years they have become increasingly popular. extremely durable, heat resistant, stain resistant and now available in a huge range of colours and styles. click here to learn more >>

16. colour and material combinations

here in surreal our designers revel in mixing and matching colours, materials and shapes to create something unique and individual to each client. such designs often require a leap of faith on our clients behalf as they are taking on design concepts they may never have considered before. for that reason we were delighted to hear from a number of clients who listed colour and material combinations as they favourite feature.

15. combination microwave oven

such ovens have been available for years but in recent times the technology has improved so much. the combination ovens use the microwave and oven functions together at the same time to give you far quicker cooking times without compromising on taste or texture. The best example is a standard 1.3kg chicken which might normally take an hour and 25 minutes to roast in a fan ove. in a combination oven, this cooking time is reduced to approx 40 minutes. perfect for the busy family who like to cook.

14. worktop height

something most people (and designers) take for granted, but here at surreal designs we ensure to carefully select a worktop height to suit the homeowner and deliver the best ergonomic solution for working in the kitchen. after all, this is the room you will spend most time working in so its very important that you are comfortable at all times and worktop height is just one area that requires special attention. we were surprised and delighted by how many of our customers noticed that the worktop height we gave them was more comfortable than in their previous kitchen.

13. insinkerator

it won’t dominate a kitchen like a large fridge, it doesn’t have elaborate control panels like an oven but for many customers, the insinkerator is the most important feature they put it into their kitchen. the ISE insinkerator will grind, mulch and dispose of all common food waste in your kitchen. everything from potato peelings to chicken bones with almost zero maintenance required.

12. glass splashbacks

what a simple, practical and great looking design concept. no more tiles, no more grouting – now you can have easy to clean glass splashbacks. even better, why not liven up your kitchen with a bold red or vivacious yellow.

11. roller shutters

ever since we opened in 2002, we have been designing roller shutters into kitchens – why? – because they look great and work great. ideally designed sitting on the worktop, the roller shutter allows you to keep your worktop need and tidy and clutter free. in my kitchen, after use, the kettle and toaster are pushed back into the unit and the shutter pulled down – nice and simple. in recent years, the style options have increased to include glass roller shutters (pictured across) in various colours


10. to 1. coming soon………………………………………………