client case study – kitchen renovation

the article below details the process involved when created a new kitchen makeover design for a client. we selected this particular kitchen as it required the designer to think outside of box which culminated in removing the walls between the utility and kitchen and the removal of a door so as to achieve more light and better use of space


11 year old bungalow, existing kitchen was never satisfactory and client in recent years had become aware of all the latest styles and trends in kitchens. the kitchen was disjointed, hard to work in and was not using space effectively. also, the kitchen was the focal point of the house as it had magnificent views over Galway Bay and the rooms potential was not being realised. pictured below is the original room layout.

the brief

  • cutting edge contemporary makeover design
  • like high gloss black and black appliances
  • leave sink in current position and do not put hob in Island
  • want island with seating
  • want a more effective utility with a place for everything

design concept

the initial laying out of the room centred around the need to use the existing black american fridge freezer and the desire to have the dishwasher at a midheight level. because the sink and hob had to be positioned on the other free wall, this dictated the need to position other appliances on the same wall as the fridge and dishwasher. from this the layout took shape with the following considerations:

  • had to keep the existing floor tiles, so we used the island to hide broken tiles
  • needed more open spaces and light in the room so the walls were removed
  • remove door into hall as it was obsolete
  • used the island to maximise storage
  • wine cooler was positioned for easy access from living and dining rooms
  • while cooking, the client was able to look out at the view from rear window
  • glass worktop allowed a lower counter level
  • simple design but high functionality in all units
  • extensive functionality in units including pullout larders, broom press, shoe rack, coat rails, ironing board, corner unit, dividers & bins

pictured below is the final agreed layout design

final design

prior to completing the design, the designer visited the house to confirm all measurements and to ensure there was nothing to impede the new kitchen renovation plan. some issues arose such as fuse boards, pipes and radiators which we accommodated into the design. the final appointment involved viewing the amended design incorporating any changes and the incorporation of materials selected in the previous appointment. internal accessories such as cutlery holder, drawer dividers, detergent racks etc were also selected and the client signed off

project management & installation

the designer prepared annotated electrical and plumbing drawings and met the clients builder and electrician onsite to agree on all structural, electrical and plumbing alterations and to agree an installation date. two weeks prior to installation we  made our final site visit to ensure that all building, electrical and plumbing work had be done correctly according to the plan. the kitchen was then delivered 2 weeks later and installation commenced on the day after delivery.