how to save money? – its become a national obsession and rightly so – and no better place to start saving money than in your kitchen

If you think about it – the kitchen is the most expensive room in your house from the point of view of both your energy bills and your shopping bill so here are a few ideas which might help you cut down on some of those costs

1. sick of food going off in your fridge? it happens to us all despite the best of intentions and is happening more often as more and more people do all their shopping on a weekly basis. a number of fridge manufacturers are now making smarter fridges which offer different storage areas for different types of food to help keep food fresh for longer and to reduce contamination. examples of this include the NEFF vita fresh and the LIEBHERR biofresh fridges

2. quicker, cleaner, safer and much more cost effective. if you are buying a hob then there can only be one option and that is induction. induction hobs are super quick compared to normal electric hobs and even gas hobs. they are also easier to keep clean as overspills do not burn nasty rings into your hob. but most importantly they are far more energy efficient using up to 40% less energy than conventional hobs

3. choose the most appropriate dishwashing cycle. most dishwashers now have a range of different wash cycles to choose from yet most of us are lazy and keep selecting the same cycle over and over. however a quick glance in your appliance manual and you should find a quick guide to choosing the right cycle. so for example if your dishwasher is only half full and has lightly soiled dishes then you possibly should be choosing the quickest wash cycle available on a low heat. however, if you have a full machine and plates and dishes have a lot of residue from sticky food items such as potato then you need to be going for a high heat cycle for the most effective wash

boiling water tap

4. get rid of the kettle! – the time has come for kicking the kettle out of your kitchen and replace it with a boiling water tap. these taps use very little electricity compared to the normal use of a kettle and give you constant and better still immediate boiling water always on tap! the water is dispensed at the same temperature as it comes out of a kettle so you wont lose any heat – just save more money. even better – some taps such as the insinkerator hc1100 comes with a cold filtered drinking water option as well in the one tap so you can also save on buying bottled water

5. steam and save. steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular especially since the likes of NEFF, SIEMENS and GAGGENAU introduced conventional hot air steam ovens so now you can do all your roasting, steaming and baking in the one oven using steam giving you better taste, healthier food and incresased cost savings as steam ovens have shorter cooking cycles than normal ovens

so there you go – 5 easy steps to reducing your electricity and shopping bills – next time you are getting a new kitchen designed, make sure your designer informs you of all the latest energy saving opportunities in the kitchen