healthy eating is becoming more and more of a priority in kitchens throughout Ireland and consequently steam ovens are becoming a staple of a well equipped kitchen.

with the help of our friends in NEFF we have compiled a few reasons why you should consider a steam oven for your kitchen

the benefits of steam cooking health benefits

  • preserves the vitamin and mineral content of food (vitamins dissolve in water)
  • no need to use cooking fat or oil
  • lower temperatures mean that less energy is used
  • gentle cooking process – no sealing of meat or boiling is required

quality of food

  • maintains form and texture of food
  • retains natural juices
  • preserves colour, flavour and aromas
  • food remains moist and does not dry out

ease of use and effectivenes

  • no risk of over cooking or burning food
  • preparation of complete meals using multi-level cooking
  • no intermingling of flavours
  • regenerates or refreshes previously cooked items
  • simple to use
  • lower temperatures so less energy is used
  • prevents build up of steam (as in hob top cooking for rice etc.)
  • owners are more likely to use fresh ingredients
  • combisteam ovens now allow roasting and baking in the same way you would use a normal fan oven but with even better results