choosing the right extractor is proving to be more difficult, but for a good reason as there is now a huge amount of choice on the market and the quality of extractors has also improved greatly given shoppers much greater options in functionality, style and quality

surreal designs are agents for many different appliance brands including neff, siemens & gaggenau, all of whom have an extensive range of extractor hoods.

added to this, we also supply elica and falmec who are specialist extractor manufacturers who have a reputation for cutting edge design.

in recent years, the options in kitchen extraction have increased greatly to include:

downdraft extractors – an extractor which sits on your worktop and extracts either under the floor or through a charcoal recirculating filter. perfect for islands and rooms that do not lend themselves to island extractors. some downdrafts have the feature where at the end of use they can sink back into the worktop at the press of a button to hide the hood

feature extractors – falmec and elica manufacture a range of hoods that look more like light fittings suspended from the ceiling rather than extractors. yet again, perfect for your island hob and they look great often becoming the focal point of the kitchen

ceiling extractors – these hoods will fit flush into any standard suspended ceiling and are hardly noticeable. available from a wide range of brands including gutmann, neff and falmec. in most cases they come with an external motor which can be mounted in the attic or on the exterior of the ghouse depending on the model thus reducing noise in the kitchen

recirculating hoods – the quality of hoods has improved alot especially in the area of recirculation where instead of ducting your hood outside, a charcoal filter cleans the extracted air before blowing the clean air back into the room. often solves a multitude of problems for kitchen designers and allows customers more flexibility on where to position their hob

have a quick look now through our gallery of assorted hoods below to get a taste of some of the many varied styles of extractor available from leading brands such as gutmann, elica, falmec, gaggenau and more


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