a customer asked me the other day this very question – a very simple and direct question deserves a similar answer and that is what I will try to do.

first and foremost, you should only go for a german kitchen if it has been well designed. good designers will always spend time properly assessing your requirements, convincing you to use more functional units and encouraging you to be more adventurous with colours and materials. a good designer will always be thinking long term in trying to design a kitchen that stands the test of time giving you much better value for money.

back to the question in hand, and its true that german kitchens are in the medium to high end of the market but with good reason. surreal designs are now in our tenth year of working with german kitchen manufacturers and this time span has helped us to understand better why german kitchens are superior to your normal run of the mill kitchens available in Ireland

manufacture – touring the manufacturing plants of hacker and nobilia was an unforgettable experience. sure I had seen these kind of factories on TV but to see them first hand was something else. the factories are state of the art using some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies available anywhere in the world. Giant intelligent robots with multiple limbs manufacture the units in front of your eyes with speed and precision. the result is greater speed and economies of scale but for the kitchen purchaser the benefit is that the quality of the kitchen cabinetry is second to none and the kitchen made on monday morning will be just as good as the one made on friday afternoon!

materials – the germans do not scrimp on materials. they use the very best right down to the hinges, drawer runners and lighting. for the most part the materials are also german made, often manufactured within a few kilometres of the kitchen factory. the upshot for you is that after a few years the hinges don’t start falling off and the drawers don’t come apart. the germans build their kitchens to last and they can only achieve this by using the best materials

innovation – yet again, the germans are world leaders in innovation in the kitchen industry. every year each manufacturer adds new units, accessories and materials to their range – each time with the intention to solve a particular problem. Whether it’s a super smart pullout larder that stores more and is easier to use or if it’s a new door material that is easier to keep and clean. yet again, a german kitchen isn’t really a german kitchen unless you use all the great units and innovations that german kitchen can provide and this goes back to the designer. if they design a kitchen that just uses basic units then you may as well look elsewhere for better value for money

choice – even the starting price range german kitchens offer incredible choice with a wide variety of styles, doors, units, materials and accessories. the benefit is that it gives a designer much more scope to create a kitchen custom made to your exact needs and you’ll also notice that you are not being pushed down a particular route that you are unsure of. the higher end the manufacturer, the greater choice available

quality control – one of the most interesting aspects of my most recent visit to nobilia kitchens was the amount of quality control inspections being made on a continuing basis on the factory floor. as well as this, they are regularly testing and exposing materials to heat, water and other elements to ensure that the finished product standards are maintained at all times. during its lifetime a kitchen is often exposed to rough treatment (as a father of 3 kids I have first hand experience) and one of the most impressive aspects of german kitchens is how well they stand up to normal day to day wear and tear

reliability – yes it’s a stereotype but thankfully a true one, the germans are incredibly reliable from service to quality to delivery, everything is as promised and if not they take it very seriously

buying a kitchen is a little like buying a car, you could spend €10k on a new car or €100k – they both do the same job but differently and within that range you will find some cars that are great value and some that are not. But german kitchens – like german cars – are generally great value for what you get

With a well designed german kitchen you get a great looking kitchen that will last a long time and will be a joy to use during that time!