every september kitchen retailers around the world descend upon a small area in the north east of germany for the KUECHENMEILE or the kitchen fair. most of germanys top kitchen manufacturers are based in a cluster within a few kilometers of each other and every september they launch their new products for the upcoming year.

this year surreal designs will be visiting our three principle partners EGGERSMAN, HACKER & NOBILIA to see what new colours, materials, units and design details are being offered.

its a very exciting time for kitchen designers especially when dealing with renowned design innovators such as eggersmann who often dazzle the world of kitchens with their unique ability to re-invent kitchen design concepts. it is very important that each year our design team visits the KUECHEMEILE so as to ensure we are able to offer our clients the very latest products and cutting edge designs.

over the coming weeks we will be introducing all the very latest designs and concepts to you here from our blog and also instore in our showroom in Galway.

for more information visit www.kuechenmeile.de