like anyone we love to get feedback and testimonials, however, when I started to read this email which we received yesterday, I knew it was quite unlike any we had received before!

It put a smile on our faces and a spring in our step and I just had to share it because I’ve no doubt you will enjoy reading it and it will help brighten up your day ….

Well John and Barry Blaine

Do you really know how good you are.
You are a credit to your mother that bore you and the pride of the man that helped her do it. 
A biological combination that came together eventually after thousands of years that was of war, destiny, accident, and luck. 
You will, on this I have no doubt, in the years to come, dominate and spurn to the wind all competition, for they are only inferiors who cannot touch the hem of your garment, clean your glass of wine, or have the dignity to even prune your garden daffodils. Nay, it is written now: this is not just a kitchen, it is practicality with class. It is more: it is a work of art too. Your celestial signature, your fingerprint, your soul, is all over this kitchen. Your legacy is secure.
Satisfied customers
Barry and Renee