Cosentino – the manufacturers of Silestone quartz worktops – has just launched a highly anticipated new product called Dekton.

Dekton is a completely innovative, ultra–compact surface made from a mixture of inorganic materials. Its superior technical characteristics provide unique UV resistance and exceptional strength and performance, offering multiple interior and exterior architectural applications including flooring, cladding, stairs, ventilated facades for outdoors, and most significantly for us kitchen countertops.

the main benefit in this new material is that it is almost indestructible in a normal kitchen environment – almost impossible to scratch, chip or mark.

previous to this innovation, quartz stones such as Silestone were regarded as the most durable kitchen worktop material however now Dekton will take over that mantle.

although Dekton has just been launched, it will be at least October/November before it is available in Ireland meaning the first installations will probably happen early in the new year.

We will be sure to let you know when the new samples arrive in our showroom!