whats going to be hot in the kitchen for 2014 – always a hard thing to predict but here are a few suggestions:

1.whiter whites

I mentioned this before but all our german kitchen suppliers have introduced brighter white doors into their range for 2014 and they are already proving to be popular over the last few weeks since their introduction. available in many different styles and materials

2. distressed wood

not something you would normally associate with surreal designs and german kitchens but distressed wood laminate doors and worktops look extraordinary. you can maintain all the character and warmth of wood but with the practicality of laminate and with a unique look you won’t find in regular kitchen suppliers

3. dekton worktops

ok – I am taking a punt here because the samples have not even arrived into Ireland yet but from what we have read dekton is going to become a huge player in the worktop market. dekton is a new incredibly durably ceramic worktop and it is said to be the hardest wearing worktop material yet – watch out for it

4. textured fronts

in the past the choice was always between a flat panel door and perhaps a framed door – however a number of the more innovative german kitchen design houses have now introduced door fronts with alternative textures whether they are embossed floral designs, spirals or ripple effects. certainly its a bit early to expect it to become a trend but it does point the way to how kitchens may innovate in the future

5. flush ceiling extractors

we have been using these type of hoods for the last 6 – 7 years however they really started to take off last year and in 2014 they undoubtedly will become mainstream – no need for extractor protruding from the ceiling anymore

6. motif backsplash

both hacker and nobilia have introduced colourful motif back splashes into their collections ranging from bright red tomatoes to zesty limes and much more – already going down a treat and we have installed them into both kitchens we installed this week – certain to be one of the biggest hits of 2014


so thats it – this time next year I will have revisit this page to see how right or wrong I got it. one thing for certain – the german kitchen industry will continue to wow us with their innovation and quality