Welcome to our “Caring for your Kitchen” page which we hope to regularly update with various maintenance, care and cleaning tips for your kitchen. As we think of them, we add them! If you cannot find an answer to your query then why not email us at info@surrealdesigns.ie

Cleaning doors and drawer fronts: There are so many products on the market for cleaning your kitchen doors and drawers that it is nearly impossible to decide what will work best. One of the best is actually some warm water with a small drop of washing up liquid added. The most important thing to remember is to use soft clean cloths. If you do decide to use any specialised cleaner please test a small inner section on a door first.

Your Surreal Designs kitchen comes complete with a maintenance manual which gives specific instructions on different cleaning tips for different materials including: laminate, acrylic, painted doors, veneers and solid wood.

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Worktops & Heat: One of the most common misconceptions with kitchen is that granite and other stones are heat proof. This of course is far from the truth – they can be heat resistant  but not heat proof. Stones such as granite and variations of granite could potentially crack when something extremely hot from the oven is placed on them. Similarly quartz worktops can discolour and laminate, corian and wood worktops can burn. Of all the worktops we supply in Surreal Designs, the most heat resistant are Dekton and Neolith – ceramic based materials – which are resistant to extremely hot temperatures from items coming from the oven

Stainless Steel: If you have a stainless steel sink or worktop it will respond well to mild cleaning agents or any of the specialised stainless steel products that are available. Do not use steel wool, scouring powder or sponge scourers as they will leave small marks. With regard to worktops it is best to use a trivit for any hot pots and pans and to use a chopping board and of course they can scratch quite easily.

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Prevent Steam Damage: One of the enemies of kitchens can be steam so it is always best to put your extractor on as soon as or even 5 minutes before any cooking commences. Probably the spot where steam can do most damage is to the doors or drawers either side of a dishwasher. This is why it is essential that the dishwasher always remain fully closed until the steam has dissipated after a washing cycle. We recommend leaving the dishwasher closed for 30 minutes after the cycle has ended. For kitchens where a boiling water tap is installed underneath wall units, it is very important to wipe the underside of the wall unit with a cloth after any prolonged use of the boiling water to avoid condensation remaining on the underside of the door or carcase

Boiling Water Taps: These have become extremely popular in recent years but some care must be given to maintaining and using them. If you live in a hard water area, then it would be important to have a scale control filter attached. If your boiling water tap comes with a drinking water filter then the filter needs to be changed on a regular basis

Extractors: Most extractors have grease filters which are normally easily removed for cleaning purposes. It is imperative to regularly clean these filters – on average once every 4 weeks so as to ensure the extractor performs to its maximum capability. Most grease filters can be placed in a dishwasher (check your manual to confirm it is dishwasher friendly) and ensure to use a hot cycle to help remove the grease fully. Recirculating extractors normally have a recirculating filter which must be changed on a regular basis. Your appliance manual will how how and how often to change the filter

Appliances that use water: appliances such as steam ovens and coffee machine which run water through the machine will require special cleaning and descaling to ensure a long life span of the machine. Often the machine will prompt you when it requires cleaning or descaling and ensure to always use recommended. For more information on Neff descaling and cleaning products Click here