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Changing Trends – What Your Kitchen Says About You

The kitchen is a unique room. Multi-purpose – functional, social and a sanctuary, it is the most used room in the home.

Not only the domain of the resident cook of the house, every family member will spend hours of their week there, visiting multiple times throughout the course of the day. Dining, cooking, cleaning, chatting, studying – the list is long, and kitchens have evolved to become much more than their traditional purpose.


Not all kitchens are born – or made! – equal. In fact, it has been estimated that kitchen’s are renovated every 10 to 15 years. Renovation may involve upgrading the design, colours and maintaining finishes while preserving the overall layout and functionality. Or indeed the fresh eye of a designer might be able to propose layout changes which could dramatically improve the way your room works for your family.

Often, our lifestyles and interests dictate the design and layout of our kitchen spaces. Anyone who has purchased a second hand home can attest to the fact that some kitchens can date quite quickly. What was once considered modern or trendy at one time, can often look dated several years later. Conversely, Great design often remains untainted by time, creating timeless classics. This as true with kitchens as it is with a classic car or your favourite ‘little black number’

Similarly, there may be certain design elements that no longer appeal to us, or we may require certain elements to be remodelled to cater to our changing needs as we get older. An eye-level multifunction oven, for example, is an appliance that enables easier access and visibility without bending, ideally suited to those with mobility issues.

What Your Kitchen Says About You

Comfort over Style. Convenience over Aesthetics. The beauty of modern kitchen design is that you can fuse several elements together, incorporating features that meet your demands.

Trends come and go, so it is important to consider how your relationship with your kitchen could change in the next 5-10 years and choose a style and design that matches your outlook, and importantly that you will still enjoy in the future. A newly married couple considering starting a family, will have different requirements to a retired couple, where the demands on space will be much less.

The younger cohort of kitchen owners are likely to have more appliances than older generations. How these integrate into the room, and the design consistency with other rooms is a more prevalent consideration for those less advanced in years.

The Choice is Yours

At Surreal Designs, our designers primarily specialise in three unique kitchen styles. Contemporary, Classic and Eggersmann.

Your choice will include many considerations beyond what we have introduced here. This includes budget, space and personal style preference. Fortunately, we can cater for virtually every style ranging from contemporary to traditional, simple and elegant to cutting-edge avantgarde.

As a starting point, we recommend that you send us your floor plans and a photo of the existing space (if it is not a new build), and our design team will guide you through the design process to share what’s possible.

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