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Choosing Appliances Ahead of a Kitchen Design

Instant hot water, and we’re not talking about a ‘bad cup of tea’ hot water, instant ‘perfect cup of tea’ hot water straight from the tap – that’s what floats our boat (pun intended). Quooker taps, integrated fridges, induction hobs with integrated fan, clever innovations that leave counter tops free of leads and kettles, and no need for an extractor hood… all of these are things to get really excited about. So have a read below and learn about the small things that will make a huge difference to how you use your kitchen and most importantly how it will look and feel.

For many of our clients seeking a redesign, or for those looking for a brand new kitchen installation, the appliances that will be used can be somewhat of an after-thought. They may have chosen a style but failed to consider the arrangement and organisational space required by various appliances.

There are a number of reasons why we suggest carefully considering your choice and use of appliances before adopting a particular style.

1. Innovative appliances that save space

The humble kitchen has made enormous strides in recent years, not least because of innovative designs and stylistic influences from the continent, most notably Germany.

The way we design our kitchens is attuned with a growing trend that we see with our clients who want to make the room a living, breathing space where families and friends come together to celebrate joyous moments. The kitchen style and decor is a reflection of those desires, using products and appliances that make the most of the space they are afforded.

In modern kitchens, users favour multi-purpose appliances that can perform various functions. Boiling water has traditionally been the domain of the kettle, or saucepan. Quooker is an innovative tap that can perform the same duties. Instant hot water is possible all from the convenience of your kitchen tap. Traditionally, it would have required different appliances to boil, filter, chill or carbonate water. This is all achievable from a single source tap, removing the requirement for space on the kitchen worktop or within the fridge.

Keeping on top of the latest trends and ways to get more out of your kitchen space is what we do best.

2. Integrated or free standing?

When considering a particular kitchen design, it is crucial to include the types and styles of the appliances in advance.

Whether they are fully-integrated appliances, or standalone (e.g. range cooker or freestanding chest-height fridge freezers), these should be factored into the kitchen installation and be consistent across colour and theme.

Some appliances give the illusion of more space, discreetly tucked into your kitchen design – typically the hallmark of a smaller kitchen where space is at a premium. Other kitchens, you may want to showcase an appliance and make it the main feature of your space.

3. Budget Better

At Surreal Designs, we are meticulous planners and work with our clients to ensure they have considered upfront the arrangement and placement of their appliances within their dream kitchen. There are few things more frustrating (and avoidable!) than coming to the realisation that the appliance you want requires additional plumbing or wiring – something that hadn’t been factored into your original designs.

This can lead to project creep where the time to completion of your kitchen installation and the cost can exceed what had been originally agreed. For this reason, we advise you to consider your appliances as soon as possible to avoid headaches further down the line.

4. Procurement Lead Times

Securing the appliances you need can take time. The sooner you can identify which appliances you need, the better. Waiting 20 weeks for a cooker when the construction time for a bespoke kitchen is 10 weeks, can make your dream kitchen less of a reality for those additional weeks.

Wider global political and economic issues have impacted many industries and supply chain logistics. Planning ahead is vital to ensure there is a buffer between ordering and securing the appliances you need. It will also give you the flexibility to change your request if certain stock suddenly becomes unavailable or increases in price.

Every client we speak with has their own vision of how their ideal kitchen should look. To match that expectation with reality, it is important to consider all aspects and plan accordingly. We are open and honest about what is possible and work with every client on scoping out their individual requirements and accommodating their requests.

To learn more about how we can help you design your ideal kitchen, you can contact us below.

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