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Setting the Standard – German Kitchen Designs

There is a good reason why our designers favour the design, function and style of German kitchens. In fact, there are many good reasons.

Germany has been at the forefront of innovative kitchen design for decades. Our design team closely follow the latest industry trends, working with the most exclusive design houses and German kitchens continue to set the benchmark. 

There are few better alternatives when it comes to attention to detail, quality standards, superior engineering and striking the right balance between style and functionality.

Given our range of styles from Classic to Contemporary, this gives us the freedom to express the wishes of a kitchen owner fully, while adhering to many of these ingrained attributes.

What Makes German Kitchens Popular?

Often adopting the ‘less is more’ approach to planning, German kitchens integrate effectively with the modern day kitchen where the room has become much more than just a place to cook and eat. 

The humble kitchen has evolved over the years, becoming more of a living space where family and friends can socialise. The German kitchen style can reflect that shift – subtly adding character, elegance and freedom to the room. This flexibility allows for a unique story to be told – whether it be a large open-plan, stylish ‘grab-and-go’ kitchen, or a smaller, more humble, bespoke kitchen with storage cleverly organised to make the most of the limited space.

Cabinets are often designed to maximise space and storage capabilities. Based on modular design principles, German kitchen designs have been the preferred choice for homeowners for decades, owing to their durability, product quality and cutting-edge innovation. Rigorous testing on individual components like handles and drawer runners ensure that they will still function in future years and bear up well to the rigours of family life.

There are a wide variety of choices available when it comes to amenities and cabinets that can compliment any style. Of course, that is entirely subjective and can depend on a number of factors, including budget, space and personal preferences.

While often heralded as sleek, stylish and modern, their design style doesn’t lose sight of the functionality essentials – making the daily use of the kitchen simple and enjoyable.

Quality. Quality. Quality

While it has become somewhat of a cliché in recent years to note German efficiency, it is apparent in their kitchen designs where the attention to detail and craftsmanship reach the highest possible standards.

Sleek, modern, stylish – there is often a sense of comfort derived from kitchen owners who adopt a German kitchen design. They are reassured that the style they choose today will still look incredible in years to come.

Styles will often come and go, but quality endures.

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