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Minimalist? Meet Modern

At Surreal Kitchens, our design themes centre around three particular styles. Contemporary, Classic and Eggersmann.

Contemporary designs focus on sleek and modern styles, utilising the best elements of feature design, using sustainably-sourced materials.

Classic designs feature styles that are timeless, subtle and simple, often using a softer neutral colour palette.

Eggersmann design styles fuse new, extraordinary materials with special colours and textures to create a bespoke, functional kitchen solution that caters to your needs.

The eggersmann range delivers a minimalist and modern look, offering a high degree of flexibility through their UNIQUE, E3.0 and work’s systems. This offers a wider variety of shapes, designs and materials that can be mixed and matched to your desire.

Quality That Lasts

Germany has been at the forefront of kitchen design for decades and with over 100 years experience, Eggersmann has set high standards with their unique blend of craftsmanship and product innovation. 

Introducing new materials into their designs, they have enabled kitchen lovers to create surfaces unlike any other – personalising colours, marbling, textures and gloss effects which come together to form a very individualistic kitchen.

Excelling in real wood veneers, eggersmann patterns have an elegant effect and can be combined with black and brown shades. Laminate and melamine fronts are available in any colour or decor. Lacquered surfaces are hard-wearing and easy to clean, and come in velvet, matt or high-gloss, again in a range of colours. Metal surfaces are becoming increasingly popular, especially high-quality aluminium which can be produced in various shades with an anodizing process.

Other materials the team at Surreal Kitchens can use during the design process include concrete, glass, stainless steel, natural stone, fenix nano, brass and mineral-organic composite Corian – all helping to shape your kitchen, your way.

With the eggersmann range, there is a world of possibility. Whether your needs are simple or more advanced, available kitchen space is small or large, there are plenty of options and examples that we can share to make your decision easier. Our design experts can guide you through the process, ensuring your desired aesthetics meet functionality to deliver your ideal kitchen.

Contact us today to learn more or drop into our showroom just outside Galway and get a feel for a design style that you would like to implement.

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