Design Trends – Natural Wood Veneers
With more and more customers seeking personalised and individual kitchens, the challenge for the designer is all the greater and has helped introduce wonderful new combinations of colours, exciting and daring textures and most importantly has seen the re-emergence of natural wood veneers in the kitchen.

Natural wood veneers used correctly can help create beautiful and sophisticated kitchens. The combination of classic contemporary design, ergonomic features and the warmth of natural woods is a designers dream and German kitchen manufacturers have responded to this demand with an endless range of interesting and stimulating natural wood veneers in every shade from dark oak to white spruce.

Exotic wood veneers with distinctive natural grains offer designers a wonderful opportunity to give clients that distinctive and personalised kitchen which is more and more in demand. Whats more, these wood veneers combine very well with high gloss arcylic, lacquers and stainless steel as well as being available in a range of handleless kitchen styles.

Spruce Magnolia Ebony White Forest
Unique to Surreal

Surreal Designs have available a specialist range of natural wood veneers which are available exclusively in Ireland only from Surreal. We are also in a position to source and supply on request special one off veneers which ensures our client will be able to achieve a truly unique kitchen design.

five Veneers to Excite You

Ebony by Eggersmann

Dark brown to black streaked with bands of yellow brown or rust. This combines well with lighter colours and high gloss lacquer finishes such as antique white or ivory tusk.

Spruce Magnolia by Hacker

A very subtle veneer with an understated elegance. The texture is slightly rough and the magnolia finish ensures this wood veneer will combine with other natural wood colours

Silver Shadow by Eggersmann

One of the most distinctive natural wood veneer doors you are to find anywhere in the world, the Silver Shadow is a unique design to Eggersmann and is available exclusively in Ireland from Surreal Designs. A dark brown veneer stained with lines of silver – a colour combination which compliments stainless steel doors and appliances. Sample kitchen on display in our showroom