since 2006, eggersmann have been developing a collection of kitchens and equipment which can hardly be matched for its timelessness and minimalism. the name UNIQUE  says it all about this collection. the focus is on individuality and also exceptional and exquisite materials. a decisive and fundamental idea for this system is the homogeneity of all relevant surfaces. front and side surfaces and also handles and working surfaces are made of just one identical material. in addition to CORIAN®, various types of stone and granite as well as mineral materials can be used. intricate details such as mitre joints are applied on fronts and side panels

unique volcano

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unique by eggersmann german kitchens

the materials used very much reflect the UNIQUE concept of individuality. Each kitchen is inimitable as defined by the individual charachter of materials such as soapstone, limestone, antique granite and quartz.

the UNIQUE collection started out more as a concept collection which was meant to define the kitchens of the future, however very quickly the collection became the mainstay of the eggersmann range.

the designs are free spirited and completely open to suggestion yet the aesthetics are timeless.

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