positioning your hob in the island has become one of the biggest trends in kitchen design in recent years.

in the past, clients shied away from this option as they did not approve of the sight of a large steel extractor protruding from the ceiling over the island. this however is no longer a problem with a trio of practical & discreet solutions; the island downdraft extractor, the flush ceiling extractor & the pendant extractor.

up until a few years ago, Gaggenau and Gutmann provided excellent but sometimes pricey extraction solutions for islands. However in the last number of years the likes of Elica, Falmec, Sirius, Best, Neff and many others have responded to demand – and they have had a huge impact with great products at great prices.

downdraft extractors are hoods that sit neatly on the worktop or in some cases are installed flush into worktop. the Gaggenau AT400 was probably the cream of the crop however in recent years the Elica Adagio and Falmec Downdraft have introduced a new dimension in that they are telescopic – sliding down into the worktop out of sight when not in use. the hoods can be recirculated or ducted out underneath the floor

flush ceiling extractors do as they say on the tin – they are fitted flush into the ceiling at a distance of approx 1.5m away from the hob – most people would not even notice them in the room.  these hoods normally have to be ducted outside with no recirculating options available at the moment from any of the main brands. great options from Elica, Gaggenau, Neff, Siemens, Falmec & Sirius

pendant extractors – probably the best known pendant extractor is the Elica Star which looks more like a chandelier than an extractor. the hoods are suspended from the ceiling often by a heavy duty wire fitting and resemble elaborate pendant lights. the main benefit is that they have no steel or other casing going up to the ceiling as they are recirculated. we particularly like the Sirius lander or globe hoods

on a number of occasions we mentioned recirculating which is where instead of ducting the dirty air and condensation out of the room, it is cleaned within the appliance and blown back into the room. with pendant extractors this is necessary and with downdrafts it is probably the only solution unless you provide for ducting underneath the floor early in the building process.

here is a selection of some of our favourite island extractors

elica adagio

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