As a market leader in built-in kitchen appliances, Neff is a name on everyone’s lips when they think of the ultimate in cooking appliances – and built-in ovens in particular.

This has been fuelled by the plethora of TV cookery and DIY programmes which now promote the desirability of a beautiful kitchen, featuring state-of-the-art Neff appliances.

Founded in Germany, in 1877, Neff has built up a reputation for producing appliances that not only look great but cook brilliantly too.

Here are some of the appliances which have helped Neff develop such a strong reputation:

Circotherm is a feature exclusive to Neff which allows you to cook, roast and bake different food items at the one time without the intermingling of flavours. Circotherm is great for roasting because of the way and speed at which heat is delivered, which helps seal the roast quickly, thus retaining juices and flavour. Most Neff built in ovens contain this feature

Steam Ovens
Steaming is recognised as one of the healthiest ways of cooking food as all the natural goodness is retained and not lost during straining. Food can be steam cooked from frozen and is perfect for todays busy lifestyle. The new Circosteam oven combines all the benefits of steam cooking with circotherm ensuring you can cook everything from cakes to roasts to vegetables in the one oven which delicious flavour and in the healthiest possible way

Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular, giving you the instant control of heat ensuring cooking becomes more controlled. Induction is also great for yound families helping to ensure children don’t get burned by hob rings after use. Neff have introduced a wide range of induction hobs ensuring there is one to suit every requirement

Combination Ovens
The main benefit of a combination microwave is its ability to bring you all the features of a traditional full-size oven, for example grilling and browning, in a fraction of the normal time just 7 minutes per lb for chicken). The B6784 also comes with the pyrolitic self cleaning function which helps reduce all fatty deposits to ash

Surreal Designs supply and install Neff appliances in our kitchens throughout Ireland